Goal 5 - Skilled, Agile and Effective

Establish Ourselves as a Skilled, Agile and Effective Organization

Priority Objectives

5.1 Coordinate and align the KCFN Group of Businesses in areas including insurance, health & safety, human resources policy and practices, employment benefits, and communications

5.2 Develop a marketing plan and branding guide for the KCFN Group of Businesses

5.3 Report back to the Nations in an accountable, accessible, and transparent way

Other Objectives

5.4 Launch the KCFN Group of Businesses website

5.5 Develop a comprehensive succession plan

5.6 Develop KCFN cultural and history education sessions for all employees within the KCFN Group of Businesses

5.7 Develop and implement tools and processes to identify synergies and challenges between the KCFN Group of Businesses’ expansion plans

5.8 Continue to engage in strategic planning

5.9 Develop operating procedures for all applicable Limited Partnerships