Guiding Principles

Seven Goals for the Economic Future of KCFN

KCFN believes that a healthy and prosperous future requires our Nations and its citizens to pursue economic development opportunities both on and off KCFN Lands and that such economic development will foster a safer, stronger, healthier community, and more financially secure, self-reliant and sustainable Nations.

Community Health & Wellbeing

Support projects that address and improve community health and wellbeing

Education, Training & Mentorship

Provide education and support for KCFN citizens who are learning new skills, building capacity on the job, and developing leadership and management skills


Encourage projects that restore and celebrate KCFN culture and heritage while integrating language and culture into all aspects of economic development

Business Retention & Development

Improve performance of existing businesses, including KCFN citizen-owned businesses and support citizen entrepreneurship


Create more jobs for KCFN citizens across seasons

Partner, Promote & Welcome

Raise the profile of KCFN through cooperation and collaboration with regional community economic development partners


Facilitate projects that improve the self-sufficiency of Houpsitas and KCFN