Tiičma Forestry

Forestry with Heart

We love our forests – they sustain us, they sustain our fish, our wildlife, and the biodiversity and beauty of our place – they make us whole. They are part of our identity, our culture, they provide us with what we need. Like us they are always growing and are dynamic and resilient. They provide for our present and our future. We are their stewards. We take only what we need…

Tiičma Forestry is the forestry business arm of the Ka:’ yu: ‘k’ t’h’ / Che:k’tles7et’h’ First Nations and works together with the Nations to manage current forestry tenures and achieve the vision of acquiring stewardship and management rights to the forest resources throughout the territory.

Our mission is to manage the Nations forestry tenures in a sustainable, efficient and professional manner that: sustains resource values, generates own source revenue to support the Nations’ goals, provides business development and employment opportunities to Citizens, and creates synergies within the KCFN Group of Businesses.

Current Tenures:

  • W1877 (Chamiss Bay) – 480 m3/yr – Second growth Hw, Fd, Cw
  • W1941 (Union Island) – 2692 m3/yr – Old growth Hw, Cw, Fd
  • N1H FNWL (pending) – 14400 m3/yr – Old growth Cw, Hw, Ba
  • NRFL (pending) – 20000 m3/yr – tbd
  • Treaty Settlement Lands (Private) – 14500 m3/yr – Second growth and old growth Hw, Cw, Ba
  • Fair Harbour Log Dump (LOO) – Log handling and storage.

Products and Services

  • West coast old and second growth logs including high quality Cw and Fd specialty grades
  • Tenure Administration
  • Forest Management Planning
  • Road and Timber Development Planning and Permitting
  • Timber Development Sales, Implementation, and Contract Administration
  • Forestry Operations Partnerships, Facilitation and Coordination
  • Reforestation and Silviculture Implementation and Monitoring
  • Tenure Acquisition
  • Forestry Business Development and Employment Opportunities to KCFN Citizens