Tiičma Hospitality

Tiičma Hospitality LP is the management company for Fair Harbour Marina and Campground, Houpsitas Suites, West Coast Expeditions and Walters Cove Resort

Our professional, experienced team operates marine services and provides diverse tourism opportunities in the Nation’s traditional territory. We create experiences and memories that last a life time by delivering a very high level of customer service to our guests while they are surrounded by the rugged beauty of the land and sea. By engaging in respectful, responsible and sustainable business practices, we foster economic and community development for the nation.

Our vision is to provide ever-increasing opportunities for employment and financial success to the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’tles7et’h’ First Nations by improving our current operations to become larger scale and more profitable. Our goal is to operate the most sought-after, prestigious and long-lasting tourism company in the region of Kyuquot for the benefit of all guests, employees, and members of the Nation. We will accomplish this by successfully expanding the number and quality of services and activities available to both visitors and residents.