New Opportunities

Identify & Pursue New Opportunities & Partnerships

As we work to manage and grow our existing operations, the KCFN Group of Businesses is also aiming to expand awareness of our Nations, our businesses, and to grow collaboration with regional partners.

Projects in Progress

We are currently working on projects related to:

  • Forestry Tenure Acquisition – Tiicma Forestry LP and KCFN representatives continue to negotiate and conduct the necessary due diligence towards the purchase of a forestry tenure. Stay tuned for more details to follow.
  • Purchase of the Englefield Lodge – Tiicma Enterprises is pleased to advise they have successfully negotiated the purchase of the Englefield Lodge, which will not only benefit the businesses but the Nation. Stay tuned for more details to follow.


We are always open to new ideas for partnerships and invite you to contact us if you wish to discuss an opportunity.